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Hello from Canada :)

I'm new here and have been trolling around a bit. I'm always reserved about joining this type of thing but I can see you are all very caring and supportive. I am learning about how to handle anxiety and have already made a buddy here who I find writes so well on his own travels through this beast. I hope I am able to help and support as best I can in my own small way

I will be signing as Jo since Scooter3 doesn't give much info. I am female, originally from the UK. I have a dog.

I wish you all health and many anxiety free days in your future. Bless you all for all the struggles you go through in life.



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I am from Canada as well. Welcome Jo!


Hi jo I'm going to follow you🤗I've got chronic health anxiety following illness and can't get myself sorted.need meditation but won't take it so trying other things meditation and counselling vitamins and lots of self help books.take care x


Welcome 😊


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