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Got took to A and E on Friday night due to getting a sharp pain across bottom of my back down my spine and across my chest and left arm all at the same time and the pain wouldn'tgo away I suffer from fibromilga and costorcondritis also as well as anxiety and other things had a ecg and chest x ray after a long night got told they did not understand the pain as all tests came back find it feel such a fool and feel like I wasted there time just wondered if anyone else with any of the same symptoms as me has ever experienced this xxx

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Mandy950411, never feel ashamed or embarrassed. It's their job to make sure patients are okay. I have had Fibromyalgia and Costochrondritis for many years. I've learned to accept the pain as part of my life. There are times in can bring on tears but through the years I've learned how to accept and deal with it. Heat is my friend. A warm pak around my shoulders help reduce the tight muscle pain from the Fibro. The Costo pain is more from irritated nerves. Although heat can help, if it becomes bad enough, a Tylenol usually helps. Feel better xx

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There is no need to feel ashamed in going to get a worrying health concern checked out. You had no idea what was wrong with you and at least you know that it is nothing serious. Also if it happens again and you get it checked out they have all the results on your file so that they can do a comparison check.

We are always being advised to get mysterious chest and arm pains checked out so you definitely did the right thing.

I hope you can relax and feel better for knowing that you are okay.

Take care.


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