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I need help

I am a 23 year Old pregnant female. I have had strange symptoms the past 5 months now and still now answers. I am very concerned about this. I have had an MRI done in my head due to intense sharp pains on top of my head. My results came back normal. I am in the process of having my heart looked into and will receive results this Friday from my echo stress test I had done. I hope everything comes back clear. Due to all the strange symptoms I have been having this seems to be heart related. My symptoms include: chest tightness, feeling heavy, hard to breath, left arm pain, back pain, dizziness, fuzzy feeling in left arm and foot, feeling severely unsteady while walking and sitting, left arm pain seems to ease while sitting, wheezing, hazy vision, pain in left side of neck, pain in between shoulder blades, heart palpitations, am so scared that this is heart related. I have two small children at home and worried something bad is going to happen while I am home alone with them. These are not normal pregnancy symptoms. Please, please,please help and tell me this is all anxiety although I never feel anxious or stressed. Not all my symptoms last all day but most of them do.

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Sometimes women have different pregnancy symptoms, you might be experiencing them. Anxiety tends to happen when pregnant, it sounds like you are having anxiety symptoms. I was so anxious when I was pregnant, it wasn't fun. Don't worry, you're getting tests done, I'm sure you are having bad anxiety. I know its hard to do, but try to rest your mind, take care!


It's is so scary because I didn't have any of these symptoms while I was pregnant with my last two children. I know every pregnancy is different. But to me this doesn't feel right. Yes I am so glad I'm getting test done hopefully to prove that it's all in my head and is anxiety. My body feels so strange and it's definitely concerning me. It's so hard to sleep at night cause I'm up all hours this king what this possibly could be. I know that doesn't help but it's so hard not to think about it. Thanks for your reply.


Scarediam, That was a very nice response to Beckysue. It's not always about being in a position to help, but caring and letting another person know you truly understand their situation and care. It helps not feeling so all alone with our fears. x

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