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I feel pretty good!

I've felt like shi't the past few days. But after reading agora1's posts and others I feel pretty good about myself. I hung out with my parents and two nephews this weekend and didn't feel like an outcast. My nephews loved me and I loved being with them! It was a good weekend for me! I just wanted to share this wonderful yet sparse expierince with everyone to give them hope that good times are out there! Thank you!! And thanks agora1 for giving me hope, you are a great member of our community.

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Thank you Tweak. Just know that there are many of us who have gotten to the end of that long dark tunnel and the number is growing everyday. Thanks for sharing your success. One by one, we all reach our goal in time. My best xx

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Agora 1s replies are always so fantastic and give hope and kindness to so many

Glad you are feeling good and all the very best xx


I agree, I've been on here for almost 2 years and every time I post, or read thru others, I Love seeing Agora1's name and hurry to read what was written. Somehow is always exactly what I need to hear

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