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Curious or advice?'!

Hello- I'm just wondering if there's any BVVP positional vertigo suffers out there?

Don't know really what I'm looking or hoping for.. but just a bit of advice or just to hear somebody else's stories? Like how to deal with it, what works best or medication!! I'm really struggling to deal with mine?? I've done so well to deal with it so far but just can't handle it no more! It's getting right on my nerves, being so scared of looking certain ways, going to sleep at night!! Just scared constantly all the time! I hate the feeling just everything really!! So so so sooooo fed up now I have kids and I can't keep living like this with this stupid spinning sensation!!!!! Any advice or anything will be helpful 😘😘😞💙

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Kayleigh, yes I've had BVVP a couple of times, it's caused by debris in the inner ear settling on the hair like structures responsible for retaining balance but you probably knew that. It gets better and goes with time. Thetreatment that is 75% immediately effective is the Epley Manouvre, search for it on YouTube and Google. My doctor didn't know anybody who specialises in the Epley Manouvre so I never tried it, some people carry out the procedure on their own but I was never confident enough. Yes check out the Epley Manouvre, it's a serues if sudden head manipulations carried out whilst lying down. Good luck.


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