Just curious!

I may be the only "unique" one who deals with this but am curious to know if anyone else gets panic so bad that they actually shake (I call it like a dog going to the vets)? My hands shake as does my entire body when panic is really overpowering me. Does anyone else have this? It is very embarrassing to the point where I am ashamed if anyone other than my immediate family sees me.


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  • I had that very feeling two weeks ago.

  • I can relate and truly hope we can overcome this at some point

  • I don't but know a member of this venue does with one of his arms and hands. Talk to your therapist about this as that member is much better with his therapist's help.

  • My phsyciatrist knows about my uncontrolled shaking. Apparently some with panic disorder do have it. I just feel it must only be me.

  • It's not just you kama24, It happens to me as well. Actually happened in the psychiatrist office and immediately said, "that's anxiety". Well what it's coming from is our over sensitized nervous system. It comes out in different ways at different times. Try not to focus into that too much, I find I can control it by deep breathing it away. You're never alone kama xx

  • Thank you for your reply. It does ans. my question and in a way I don't feel as "alone". I had never had it happen to me in public in the whole time I've been dealing with this. I was having an appointment with a cardiologist & I couldn't stop the shaking. Needless to say I was very embarrassed. He was very kind about it but I was shocked that I couldn't seem to get control over myself. Although it sounds "unkind" I am relieved to know I am not alone.

  • kama24, I remember my Big Brave German Shepherd shaking like a leaf whenever she knew we were going to the vet. :) See it happens to the best of us. x

  • yes, our wee 12 pound dog shivers and shakes too....now she has a "mommy" to match her!

  • Yeah I had that going on for a bit. It stopped after a while though. It was just anxiety, it will get better.

  • Thanks, it does help to know it's not "just me"/

  • Yes! It's so weird, but at the end of my panic attacks, which usually happen in the middle of the night, my legs start trembling, then my whole body. I lie there and shake for several minutes. It's my favorite part of the panic attack, because it means it's almost over.

  • Thank you for sharing. My shaking can go on as long as a half hour then wean off however the feeling of fear persists.

  • It's your body getting rid of the adrenaline so shaking is a GOOD thing. It means your thru the worst of the panic and coming out the other side. Animals do it all the time. I often shake it out after or during anxiety and panic - it helps!!

  • Thank you. I remember reading that it is your muscles contracting, causing the shakes. I just wish I was in control of it!

  • Yeah, I do when I get severe panic attacks. It's normal though and you shouldn't be embarrassed about it. If I get a panic attack I try and hide it from people, and try to act "normal" because I don't want to bring attention to myself. But if I start shaking people sometimes notice and while I don't want them to, it can be quite good as they can help calm me down :)

    Also my dog loves the vets!

  • Thanks for your response. Yes, I try hard to hide it if around people other than my family. I try to sound and "look" normal. I think I've forgotten what "normal" is though! I agree too that if some kind soul will at least talk to you it helps in that you don't feel as "alone".

  • I had this feeling when I first started to have anxiety 10 months ago. I have not experienced it since... it definitely can happen.

  • Thank you for replying. I truly hope yours was a one time only occurrence.

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