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Thoughts and sadness

Negative thoughts are ruining my life I feel like I don't want to do anything because of them thwre constantly with me about dying like I'm going to die soon and anything I see or do my thoughts just become negative and scary I have constant butterflies it's worse in the evening food tastes bland I just feel like rubbish all over again does anyone know what this could be is it anxiety or depression? I feel like there's a dark cloud over me got docs tomoz going to ask to be put back on citalopram again ☹️ As it worked and made me better then I stopped taking it and I was fine for months now this is returned 😫 Help plz

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So sorry to see you are struggling. With your thoughts i would loke to say its depression but only your doctor can tell you that depression can be very debilitating be honest with the doctor about how you are feeling ! I wish you well at the doctors please let us know how you get on good luck ! David

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Another dying person with another 70 years of life ahead of them☺ Let me explain why you have this unnecassary fear of dying: everybody has a built in reluctance to dying early, it's wired into us by nature. But when we suffer from anxiety all our fears and concerns are magnified ten times stronger. In some people a headache becomes a brain tumour, in others afew skipped heartbeats become heart failure and in your case the natural aversion to dying before your time has become a fear of impending doom and death. Your nervous system has become over sensitised by anxiety, worry, grief, overwork or somesuch. Only you know what caused it but it started you off on the path to anxiety disorder.

Whatever problem started the ball rolling has been surpassed by your fear of dying which causes more fear which feeds your false obsession with impending death. All anxiety is driven by fear, if you could free yourself from this constant fear then your obsassion and all your bad feelings would pass. And you see, there is no reason to fear your obsession because the symptoms of anxiety are fake. They can't kill you, can't disable you abd certainly can't send you crazy: the power of anxiety is limited. It can hakf frighten you to death but that's about all.

So why fear something that is only the result of over stressed nerves? Rather you should treat it with contempt, stop fearing it and accept it for the time being. And if you can truly accept it for long enough your fear fades away, because you can't fear something you're accepting, and before long you're heading down the yellow brick road to recovery and all this unnecessary fear of death will soon be gone.


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