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Anyone on or taking propranolol? What are your experiences?

I've been suffering from anxiety and it's physical symptoms for many years and after avoiding medication (for fear of side effects and addiction) and trying (and failing) with different alternatives, I am coming to the conclusion that maybe I should try some kind of medication. My mum is also very anxious and has recently been prescribed propranolol (10mg) and although I haven't seen a massive shift in her anxiety I have noticed that she does seem more relaxed and 'at ease' and I'm wondering if I should ask my gp for some too. I have always been an anxious person and can handle the actual anxiety but what I really struggle with is the physical affects from it and then getting into a vicious cycle of worry, anxiety and physical symptoms. If only I could dampen down this cycle I'm sure I'd find life easier to deal with?! Any experiences welcome, thanks.

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What side effects? What addiction? You are talking about medically prescribed drugs not heroine. Twice in my life when the anxiety got bad I was able to carry on and support my family because of the medications you fear. Any minor side effects disappear after a short amount of time and of course you have to taper off them slowly with the time comes. You need to read Vbee's posting a few posts back which I think you will find offer a road to recovery that you may not have considered before. Recovery is possible no longer how long and how badly you have suffered.The method can be summed up in three words: Acceptance, Acceptance and Acceptance.

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