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First post - need reassurance!

Hello everyone, this is my first post and the reason I'm writing is the reason I joined.

I suffer from extreme pmdd (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) and have started taking the pill to try and help but sadly it's obviously not working. I just went absolutely mad at my 3 year old...it's just me and her and normally I have the patience of a saint but when I'm due on I find my fuse to be a fraction of the length it normally is. As any 3 year old is, she is very testing, pushing boundaries and acting like a normal toddler...normally it's ok and I can handle it but today I have gone mad at her twice...really screaming at her. I've never hurt her...but the screaming is awful and must be so confusing for her as most of the time I am so chilled...I know people will say I should give myself a break and that I'm suffering from an illness but she doesn't understand that and I don't have anyone to take over when I'm feeling like this. It just makes me feel like a failure, a freak, a bad mama & a horrible person. This sends my anxiety spiralling out of control and I end up becoming really withdrawn. Today I was meant to meet 2 friends with their daughters but felt my daughter was being so difficult they would see how much of a failure I am so I didn't go.

The rest of the month I feel I am acing this single-mamahood stuff but the week leading up to period it's like I am a different person.

Can anyone relate to this?

I'm just so tired of it...

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Hi, sorry you feel that way. I don't have Children but let me say that a Great Mom would care as much as you do to reach out for reassurance. Don't be so hard on yourself, you're only Human and I'm sure your Daughter knows you love Her. Before and during my cycle I have a short fuse, very irritated, very emotional, and VERY anxious. I can't imagine what I would be like with a toddler. You're not alone and don't feel like a failure because you're not.

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Thank you for your lovely reply. I'm feeling much better this morning and I'm going to make an effort to be out all day as that's where my daughter is happiest!


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