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Ectopic beats

I have been suffering from ectopic beats for a while now. The weird thing is I can go a couple of weeks without them and bam they come back, usually when I'm out shopping or something so then I worry I'm going to die there or something!! It will beat normal then feel like a pause then a thud after then return back to normal again. I get one every now and again so there isn't really a pattern of them ?x

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I have the same thing going on with me. I think it's palpitations. Im going to a cardiologist in a few weeks to get it checked out.


Yes I got told they were harmless but with my anxiety I just can't accept it. I feel like something's going to happen to me x


Yes, that is the hardest part of anxiety, trying to cope. I constantly have to tell myself to not worry. Somedays are easier than others. But just so you know, you will be ok.


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