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Do any of you guys get a dizzy / lightheaded feeling that last for days at times? My doctor has done bloodwork & she says I'm healthy. I do have GAD & I just wonder how anxiety can cause all of these issues!

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Yes I do and have. I've had an extensive work up from different doctors, and everything comes back fine. The only thing I haven't had done is a CT or MRI, as I do not feel like those are warranted.

Yeah same here. Do you know how to get rid of it? Does yours pass?

Mine has came and gone for the 10 years I have had anxiety and panic attacks. It is so random and I have no idea how to get rid of it honestly. It just comes and goes as it pleases basically for me.

Sounds like me smh

Yeah sorry, wish I had a better answer for you. However just know you are definitely not alone!

It's alright! I really do appreciate it though 😊

No problem! Anytime you want to talk I am always here :)

TiredOfA, there's a small chance your dizziness is due to a problem in the inner ear which helps us keep our balance but it's highly unlikely and your doctor would have considered this possibility and has clearly rejected it. As you know your have anxiety disorder and dizziness and lightheadedness are very common symptoms of anxiety this is where your problem almost certainly lies. You wonder how anxiety can cause all these issues, anxiety can imitate almost every known organic illness perfectly - and even when we get the reassurance of scans and tests it still makes us go on thinking the doctors have got it wrong. Such is the power of anxiety.

The only way out other than masking the symptoms with medication is to stop fuelling your over sensitised nervous system with worry and fear every five minutes. You do this by accepting the dizziness and light headedness for the time being, knowing full well it is only a false message sent out by your nervous system, and calmly going on about your normal business without giving the symptoms the importance that you have been attaching to them up until now. Don't try to blank them out, just relegate them in importance and ACCEPT them without constantly bombarding your nerves with fear and fright.

Be persistant in practicing Acceptance and by letting time pass you will reclaim your former peace of mind and good mental health.

TiredOfA in reply to Jeff1943

Thanks for taking the time out to respond. I'm trying not to worry so much as it is so draining. Sometimes it's hard for me to accept my anxiety is so severe, but I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts about all this mess.

Jeff1943 in reply to TiredOfA

Can we cure ourselves of anxiety simply by reading a book? I did and untold tens of thousands have over the years by reading Doctor Claire Weekes' first book 'Self help with your nerves' (UK edition) and 'Hope and help with your nerves' (US edition). She first set out the Acceptance method for recovery which I briefly outlined in my last posting. It is still available from Amazon and continues to attract hundreds of favourable reviews despite being first published in the late 1960s. When reading it you soon recognise yourself in its pages and it brings immediate understanding and reassurance leading in time to a full recovery no matter how long or badly the reader has suffered - and without exceptions.


I've had blood work too and all mine have came back normal.

I feel dizzy all the time. It never goes away

I would love to find a way to get rid of it but it's not happening :(

I think it's vertago. Go to Wal-Mart pharmacy and ask for over the counter Meclizine 25mg. When that dizzy/lightheadedness and take the Meclizine as the bottle says to you will feel so much better. Anxiety does not do this to people.

Yes this happen to me tonight ! It lasted a while , it's still on my mind and it's making me overthink that something's wrong with me . My head felt like I couldn't even hold and dizzy and tired also nauseous, I was about to cry , I had a little nap and felt some what better but the anxiety is still their worrying

A correction to Jackieyoung3 post when they stated 'Anxiety does not do this to people.'. That statement is wrong. Anxiety DOES do this to people!

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