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I'm trying not to worry here and not let my anxiety attack start so just wanting some answers to why I suddenly felt dizzy. I'm worried it's my heart because of course health anxiety is telling me it is that. Even tho I checked my heart rate and it's perfectly normak, But I'm trying to find a logical reason too and the only thing is that I'm on my period and it's my 3rd day i went through my heavy day yesterday so it's not as heavy now but I had to work 2 nights in a row and I slept 2 hours before my first night and then yesterday slept 4 hours and after work I slept maybe 5. I have had dinner today and multivitamin juice but I'm guessing one glass of that is not enough so possibly dehydrated too. So could it just be from my period and exhaustion? I know periods can make you feel exhausted and working two nights in a row and barely sleeping probably didn't help. I do have history of dizziness during my period before even my health anxiety started but usually that would happen from really painful cramps. Once needed to call an ambulance coz I could barely keep awake from the pain and losing blood I was really weak.

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Dizziness is one of my most annoying symptoms of anxiety. I've found that if my neck is out if whack it causes the dizziness but definitely when it's around my period. I'm in peri menopause now and my hormones are out of control... Causes heart palpitations, anxiety, dizziness etc... It's terrible but understanding what it is help a lot. Just remember it's fear ... Let it go and we're all here if you need us. 😆

Have you tried anything to balance your hormones to settle the symptoms or are you roughing it out?

I haven't, I'm just roughing it lol. I use lavender essential oil on my pillow at night and I keep it in my purse in case I need it when I'm out. It helps a lot

I've switched from coffee to herbal tea. I'll try the lavender too. Thanks!

Like I said... We're always here :)

Lack of sleep can definitely cause you to feel dizzy. Combine that with a period you have a double whammy. Try and get some sleep/rest - what you are experiencing is not unusual.

Talking from experience here

Honestly it can be anything from just you being really tired to you just feeling the symptoms of your anxiety which will cause you to feel such a way.

Try drinking some water and laying down listening to some relaxing music,

Or talking to someone until that feeling goes away. I definitely know how you feel since I myself randomly suffer from verdigo at spontaneous times momentarily.

I hope you feel better

Just take deep breaths.


dizziness can be attributed to several things.my gp -the third time i presented with dizziness my gp was the only one who did tests-by asking me to stand up eyes closed -i was very "wobbly"-testing for cushings and pagets.dont want to stress you out more but see if you can get a ct scan-cushings and pagets could be pituitary related

I had really bad dizziness so much so a lot of times I would fall over with it when I was being weaned off my old antidepressants to start a different one. Hope you get rid of the dizziness soon as it's frightening and horrible, x

The only time I suffer from dizziness is when I am having a bout of anxiety/ depression. It's a well recognised side effect but once I am over the bout it disappears. The Doctor gave me some tablets to take for when another bout comes on. Please don't think it's anything sinister, I also get palpitations just when I have a relapse. I am finding now that if I go out walking and mix with people that it's helping a lot. Take care, lots of anxiety and depression caused by hormones as mine started with the menopause. From Lin xxx

Have you had your blood pressure checked lately. Low blood pressure can cause dizziness. I have this and it is worse if I'm tired, and I'm sure heavy periods would make it worse. Hope you feel better.

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I always have a Normal blood pressure but I do tend to have lower blood pressure too as I've noticed it a few months ago that's just what I have and I also suffer with iron deficiency so maybe my iron has gone down because of the period so now I'm taking my iron supplements again

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I would think that'll be why you're dizzy then. My blood pressures always been on the low side and when I was put on tablets after a heart attack I was dizzy all the time until the dose was halved ( it's supposed to help keep the arteries more supple I think) . Still have days when BP is 90/55 ish and I know when it's that low because I have a weird light headed feeling and have to be careful standing up or bending down. Might be an idea to see your gp,maybe he could prescribe something if your BP is low, also something to eat or drink when you feel dizzy can help.

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