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Poor animals

I am exactly the same. Just got off work. As i pull out i see an a severly thin cat. I pull back in, get some cat food and bowl. And place it where the cat was. Now i cannot stop thinking about the cat. This is an ongoing thing with me. I have a German Shepard who we bought from some guy. An abandoned pit bull, and a Chihuahua running around thin and scared. I snatched those two pups of the street without hesitation. No thought about the consequences of owning 3 dogs. But, tonight thinking about that cat I realized my worrying about animals is at a pathological level. It's what drove me to googling a diagnosis, running into this site. Good to know I am not the only one. And, oh yeah, the praying. God must be like, "Yes, Jimmy, for the 20th time, i heard you." God bless.

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I think its great that you care for animals the way you do. Not a lot of people care for them and thats why there are so many of them abandoned and starving. I know someone who has 9 dogs. Small ones but one of them is a pitbull he found abandoned in the street, so don't worry having 3 dogs is not so bad. What you are doing is an act of kindness and it is admirable. You think about them a lot because you have empathy, i think you are an awesome person for caring like you do.

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