severe anxiety

what if it never get better? what if i lose this battle? what if this restlessness, emptiness, sadness last forever? will i have to live with anxiety all my life? this struggle is getting way too painful and way too exhausting. issues with parents, failed relationships, heartbreaks jus add more pain to my anxiety. its like hell inside my mind. i am lost. i wanna give up n let go of everything


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  • Hi ss12, The first thing you have to do is get rid of the "what if". That will only take you down a path of despair. It's time to take a new approach to your anxiety. How long have you been dealing with it? Do you have a therapist? Are you on medication? You need a plan of action so you can go forward. The forum can be a big support plus for you. We want to help

  • Hey! thank you so much..i have been dealing with anxiety and depression for 7 years. i am on medication and i do have a therapist but sometimes it gets too much and i jus wanna give up

  • 7 years for you 4 years for me 1 year with agoraphobia type anxiety it all sucks.. i worry this will be with me the rest of my life.. guess what it will be.. but i hope to one day be able to grab it by the neck and show my mind and nervous system whos boss and what is fear and what is safe that fight or flight mode has been screwed up since the first day i had an anxiety attack and i have been struggling to battle it i cant really leave my town with out being super anxious and if i do leave my town where ever i was heading i go in a rush and can never be patient for example went to target with my fiance and no matter how many times i went there as a kid it felt like i was going to a brand new place and it made so nervouse we got thwre and I was rushing her and she got really mad at me because she lvoes target but i explained its my anxiety it makes me uncomfortable and impatient and just wanting o leave i can nver enjoy myself as much as i want to because i cant shut my brain off when i want where ever i am.. this holds me back and I fear it will only hinder our marriage :/

  • i understand how you feel. i lost the guy i fell in love with because of anxiety disorder. i suggest you explain your condition, fears and how anxiety affects your behaviour and routine in detail to your wife. take her to your therapy sessions. she is just having trouble understanding the changes you are going through. when she'll understand everything, it wont hinder your marriage.

  • ss12, that's good that you are taking medication and having therapy since they go hand in hand. The next step should be in using this time to find alternative methods in working on your anxiety. Things that you have learned from therapy should be put into action. Getting rid of our anxiety requires some work. Since our mind plays a big part in our anxiety, it is best to work on changing the way you think. Anxiety is nothing but a negative thought that can bring about a physical reaction. But it doesn't have to. We have the power and the strength to change our habits. The more we understand the mind/body connection, the more open we can be to acceptance of anxiety not being harmful.

    I hope you will take a listen to Dr. Claire Weekes thoughts on Hope&Help for our Nerves There are several of her videos on YouTube which can help you start thinking in the right direction. Learning everything you can about Anxiety will not only help you understand how it works, but provide you with the tools you need in ridding yourself of it, once and for all.

    Never give up...Always go forward. Keep your thoughts on a positive wave length. One step at a time will get you to your destination in giving Anxiety the boot. We are always here to support and comfort you. The forum cares. xx

  • hi! thank you so much. can you suggest me some activities that can help in controlling anxiety?

  • Hi ss12, Exercise of any kind is always a good thing since it brings up the endorphin levels, giving you that "good feeling" effect. I have tried acupuncture, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, meditation and deep breathing. The last 2 have worked the best for me and I continue it several times a day. I use meditation/relaxation before bed as well as upon first waking up. I turn to YouTube midafternoon and type in Audio Meditation/Deep Breathing 5-10 min video. There are longer ones you can listen to as well. The short ones are just enough for me to keep positive and in control from any anxiety rising.

    Deep breathing is a tool that works anytime and anywhere. If done properly, it calms both the mind and the body. You cannot be anxious and be doing deep breathing at the same time. Deep breathing reduces the adrenaline, slows down the breathing as well as the fast heartbeat. The best thing is to practice until it becomes an automatic response when stressed. Doing it properly will stop an anxiety attack from happening or shorten it drastically. Using the Acceptance Method that anxiety is NOT harmful or dangerous helps as well.

    I have been anxiety free for a couple years now in using these methods. We each respond differently in what works for us. Hopefully this can work for you as well. My best to you. Agora1

  • thank you so much :) i am going to implement this

  • Don't give up. It's very hard but once you master it you will love ❤️ life again. I feel your pain. We can do this together 👌

  • thank you

  • What ifs are the worst , and trust me I've been there . Try to focus your mind on the positives . Start up a new hobby or get back into something that you really love . Anxiety is just annoying. But we will all get through it one day at a time

  • hey! thank you for motivation :)

  • ss12 .....STAY IN THE MOMENT! Don't think about what happened an hour ago, or what you THINK may happen an hour from now. Just stay in the moment!

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