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My reactions to events

I don't know if I belong here, but my problem is if someone tells me something is wrong, I immediately go to remedy mode. In example, my niece came to me and said, "I can't find Elise, she's gone." These kids are 5 and 6. I immediately made everyone look for Elise (my child). I found Elise hiding in a closet. They were playing hide and seek. I could have asked if they were playing a game before making everyone freak out.

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Hi there 😊

All I can suggest is:

1) have you spoken to a Dr about your problem?

2) From now on, could you train yourself to take a few deep breaths, sit down, count to ten and try to relax before deciding what may need to be done?

3) Minimise your intake of caffeine and things that may have colouring additives.

4) Try to make yourself like camomile tea. It is very soothing and if you could drink a cup 3 X a day, it may help a bit.

Hope these tips may be of some help to you. 😊



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