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Advice needed - 10mg citalopram

Any advice here would really be useful. I've had anxiety for years and I'm having a really bad flare up. Obsessive thoughts thinking of worse case scenario all of the time. I'm in a bubble and feel miserable! I constantly try to please people and want everyone to like me I'm very soft and sometimes people walk all over me. I've recently just got a new job - in and out different ones all the time. Working as hr advisor and I just feel paranoid all the time I have made some mistakes at work and I just can't cope when they tell me. I'm obsessed there going to get rid of me during me probation. Today I visited my GP and got 10mg of citalopram and I was wondering had anyone had any success with them. Also should I tell my new employer / manager of this condition given the nature of my job and also probation period. Look forward to any reply?

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Hi there. Remember, this is a new job, and you need time to settle into your new role. Remind yourself that you must have all the skills and qualities your employer was seeking, that's why they thought YOU was the best person for the job. Everyone feels nervous in a new role. Mistakes happen, and although you might feel bad about that, remember, all people make mistakes. Just put it down to a learning opportunity.

You don't need to disclose any information about your Gp consultation. You might want to talk to your supervisor about help you need to fulfill your role, and emphasise how keen you are to develop your skills.

Trust in yourself that you are the right person for this job


Thanks so much for your kind words. Only thing that's going over and over in my head is during my month 2 reviews my manager made a comment to say I wasn't as strong as I came across in interview I thought that was a really nasty awful thing to say and I can't stop thinking about it which is making me very quiet at times at work. I'm actually a very witty person when I'm well and I'm well liked by all who no me but I'm just not myself. I am hoping these tablets might take off the edge. I just want to be happy and feel happy I need to retrain my mind. I have family history of mental health and it just burdens over me all the time I'm a very caring passionate person but I just feel I always get shit on. Sorry I am moaning now!! Thanks again for your reply 😀


Don't let his comments bother you. I spent a lifetime in public services, and you will always encounter people who are insensitive. HR is a highly valuable role and one that often has to deal with people who have a range of needs. Frequently it relies on dealing with factual evidence and all the time you are up to date on the facts you are doing your job. Trust in your skills, your wit, your likeable personality, and don't let this person phase you


Your kind words are amazing. I'm.pleased I stumbled across this site. I wondered if people with anxiety are actually very intelligent and intuitions people I guess I can be. I don't know if your the same but I've got a really really good judge of character and can normally tell you what people are thinking before they've even said it...cant help thinking the worst about this job but I guess there are more jobs out there!! I would love to have my own business one day helping people it's a major passion. Is it normal to get obsessive weird thoughts with anxiety and some days I really REALLY hate people. I'm panicking about these meds I'm taking to 😪


In my experience, and I think the experience of many others, unpleasant thoughts are frequently a symptom of anxiety. It certainly is in my case. I take citalopram 20mgm and in the past it helped me. I came of it earlier this year and have since experienced a relapse, which I am struggling with. Don't worry about the meds, hopefully as your confidence grows in your new role you won't need them for long. I don't want to generalise, but in my experience anxiety sufferers tend to be kind, sensitive people and certainly on forums like this that has been my experience.


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