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Stressed out and anxiety

I've been so stressed out with personal stuff in my life and everyday little things makes me stressed easily & makes me have anxiety too , I know I'm not alone but everyone around me doesn't even know how I feel and makes me feel like it's all my fault because of the way I feel , I have a 1/ year old and everything I do is for her and no really seems to tell me I'm doing a good job 😪😪 I hate that I have Heath anxiety too cause it ruins my mood and the way I act towards everything , does anyone even know what I should do!? I feel like I'm so down 😪😪

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Hi Briannafaye1,

Being a mum is a physical and emotional rollercoaster. You are likely to experience highs and lows. If you have no positive feelings to balance out your low or anxious feelings, and you feel miserable most of the time, you may have PND

My suggestion is that you check in with your doctor to rule out PND.

If life is getting on top of you, a few talking therapy sessions with a psychologist might be of help.

Self help ideas to reduce anxiety include taking time out for yourself do some exercise, could be as simple as walking (put baby in the pram) or yoga or guided meditation. Check out You Tube for ideas.

There are number of over the counter natural remedies which you might like to check out in the pharmacy. Ask for a free pharmacist consult to make sure you get one for your situation.

Hope this helps :)


Yes, give urself a pat on the back 4 reaching out and doing everything for ur baby despite the anxiety. I don't have kids, just pets, I have a deep admiration 4 parents bc u never get a day off. My animals r enough 4 me to handle, but I couldn't do what u do. The outside world can make it seem so lonely, I did today like ur all alone in this . But I hope it helps to have other people actually tell u that yea I feel that way too. And I have respect 4 u.


Thank you for understanding me 💖


U bet. I hope today is better.


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