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High anxiety and not eating, help

I'm expecting anxiety. I didn't eat yesterday because I didn't feel well. Beause of anxiety I was expecting, I had toast and tea but then I had candy all day because that's all I could have, today I'm feeling nauseous at times and it's hard to eat. I'm nibbling in some toast and tea, I feel my heart slightly pounding, I don't know what to do.

Has anyone experienced this before, I've been doing deep breathing or at least trying

Please help

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Whenever it seems like you can't control your anxiety you could always visit the ER..they will help settle you down!!! I have a friend that goes when this happens...sometime we need to get medical help so you won't put added stress on your body!!! They will do a EKG and draw blood to make sure everything is okay!! I hope you feel better soon!


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