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Sick of family support guides

I am so sick of reading guides online about the hardship people go through having someone close to them who has mental health issues, I mean what do people want a gold medal? If it was a physical health issue this crap wouldn't exist. Ok I get that it's hard but where the hell is the guide for us dealing with others? I have spent my whole life dealing with people who have no clue how to deal with my issues, where's my help guide?? Ok being a cater is hard BUT it's never as hard as being the one who is actually ill.

So tired of aggression coming at me just because I am ill :-(

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Hi KittyJump,

You make a very good point. Books and articles have been written on "surviving mental illness". You are the author of your own help guide unfortunately because each person has an indivual experience of their condition. Are you up to writing it? You might have done so already :)


Good point :-)

A guide for us on how to handle an entire world that doesn't understand us would be pretty damn good, why is everything written from the carers point of view and so damn patronising towards us? :(

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You are right, where is our guide!!! It's hard for us to deal with this especially when there are people who don't care!!


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