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help!!! :(((

can anxiety mimic psychosis??? I keep getting psychotic like thoughts and i hate them and it scares me to bits!! i don't know if its just the anxiety but its making me feel as though that thought is real.....what I'm talking about is paranoia (yes another fear has been added to my bucket of fears) my thoughts are saying someone is following me and i feel like its real even though i know its not and its making me hella sad and scared cos I'm scared i might go crazy and end up in some mental hospital :((((((((

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Aww I honestly think it can be anxiety .


Hi! I'm really sorry you're feeling this way. Have you talked to a therapist? It may help. It's not easy going through that but I understand where you are coming from. Definitely think it's anxiety and being paranoid. Take some deep breaths. Maybe have a friend to be with you so you can be distracted or do something you love to do. You're not alone!!


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