The Gracefully Aging Don't Live Here

The Gracefully Aging Don't Live Here

Hi. My name is Linda. I'm not gonna beat around the bush. I've been tortured, as defined by international law, and disfigured, by above-standard limits set by the Department of Energy with high radio frequency at 3,000 GHz+/second and microwave radiation enough to cause tissue damage, swelling and tooth and bone damage for the last 13 years. At present, although my rent has always been paid on time, I'm being sued and evicted by my landlord; my daughter is now 6 months post acute renal failure in one kidney and 38% in the other. She is 19, suffering from suicidal ideology, depression and post-traumatic stress. I'm watching my cat painfully suffer from thermal heating, like a microwave cooks food. I have to move - see image before on the right...(to be continued) Microwave thermal injuries with a Radiology background.


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