DP/DR really giving me a hard time

Ugh, my anxiety has been pretty bad lately to the point where I'm becoming afraid to even leave my house. When I go outside everything looks surreal and it's too much for me and I end up getting dizzy and nauseous. (especially when it's sunny out) Going for walks is the worst because I just feel like reality isn't real and it's going to slip right out from under me at any second. I get static-y vision too. I've also just been feeling generally unwell lately. All of this is really bringing me down. Not being able to go out and do things in the summer because of my anxiety is really unfair. And I need to find a job but i'm afraid i won't be able to keep one like this.


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  • Hi , I have had similar problems and symptoms with leaving the house because of panic attacks and anxiety brought on when too many problems / worries come along at one time. So what I do is go first go out really early in the morning when I know there isn't going to be many people around , then when I'm comfortable , go a bit later and so on. I also went back on 50mg sertraline ( rode out the side effects for 2-3 weeks) , now am doing ok and back at work - took time off while side effects settled) Hope this helps just a little bit

  • Same with me. 6 months later I still have this Dp/dr hell and intense dream like vision when I go outside, in stores, or when I turn on any lights. Always triggering an attack. What I do is that no matter how horrible I feel or how scary it looks I still force myself to go out there. Little by little it will get easier even if things seem off. Are you taking medication?

  • Yes, im on medication. Unfortunately i don't think meds help with dp/dr. i wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone

  • It just tricky because some can help if you find the right one. Have you been on the Dp site? There's tons of recovery stories. Some recover with SSRI, SNRI, and even a low dose of antipsychotic. Everyone is different and it takes a lot of try and error to find the right one. A friend of mine recovered with Celexa and her daughter with Zoloft. Zoloft didn't work for me so I'm going to try something else. And I will keep trying because I refuse to live with this hell and I have also recovered from this hell when I was a teen with no medications. Just a lot of suffering for over a year and I don't want to suffer like that now

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