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Irritability From Your Groin Area

I have an ongoing problem that causes me so much irritability when I either fall asleep for about an hour or just get relaxed. I get this irritable feeling in my groin area. This feeling will wake me up from a sound sleep and just make me incredibly irritable, all stemming from my groin area, or when I get relaxed for a while, the irritable feeling starts in my groin area again. This feeling can last for hours. It's not a steady feeling. it comes and goes in waves, but these waves will last for hours. Has anyone else experience these feelings?


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Have you got this checked by a doctor?


Yes....But he doesn't have an answer for me. At least none that has fixed the problem. He mostly will put me on sleep medication, but that doesn't help the times I am just relaxing and the irritability comes on.


I wonder if it is groin strain


No...There is no pain, just this feeling of being irritable. If I'm not trying to sleep or relax, the sensation is never there.


You have me baffled.

Go see a different doctor and get a second opinion.


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