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Does anyone get anxiety that sits in the pit of your stomach and never goes?

I feel like it's either there or in my throat or even legs. I feel like screaming to let it out but it doesn't change anything. Neither does crying. This energy just sits there. I feel anxious all the time but from the outside you wouldn't know. My heart doesn't race or breathing change or anything like that. I just feel this inner tension and feel disconnected from life.

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Yeah around my lungs asif it's a tight feeling that's squashed inside


I think I know what you're talking about. Try going on a jog, do jumping jacks, or some sort of activity that will release that. And try deep breathing. Don't think too hard on it but just distract yourself!


That's what I'm having today, but since it's not one of my normal symptoms, I was wondering if it was part of the anxiety or something else. It's hard to describe. I've had the nervous churning before and it's not that. It's more like you might feel if you completely overate and made yourself sick. It's just a very uncomfortable feeling in my stomach which even makes it hard to breathe comfortably. It could be described, like you said, as an inner tension. I don't feel like doing anything! When you feel this way, can you handle stress? It's like I can't handle stress at all right now.


It's anxiety. It shows up in so many ways. When I'm distracted from it, it does subside, but not completely. Usually it goes to my legs! I was like you about 6 months ago, where I couldn't cope with anything. My daughter was traveling abroad and I was completely crazy with worry. I ended up having ativan and vodka to sleep. Not an advisable combination, but I slept really well! I don't seem to have problems breathing but deep breathing doesn't seem to help any. I hope you are feeling a little better now. We will get better!


This happens to me all the time, I usually just try to refocus and forget it as much as I can until it has either gone away or become bearable


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