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any words of encouragement would be helpful

so if you've read my other posts you'd have an insight whats been going on with my journey with health anxiety right now i've managed to take control of my anxiety and not have anxiety attacks everyday, but I'm still struggling with my health and i always question myself if there really is something wrong with me.

For a while now I've been waking up not feeling 100%, I always have a slight headache, sharp pains in head, skin feels a bit sensitive and crawly like when you have the flu, feeling low of energy, slightly dizzy and sometimes feel quite hot like i've got a temperature but my temperature is normal. I've thought I've got fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, something wrong with my brain ect and I'm too embarrassed to visit the doctors anymore with all these problems I'm having because i get the same thing everytime it gets brushed off and i get told its anxiety again.

But what do you guys think? do you get these symptoms as well or just me? ... I just feel like i can't cope with this anymore.

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Dear fiona, I had anixety for the first time last month it was the worst feeling ever but at the same time I learned many things and what actually caused it was me being super worried and insane about things that dont exist! Remember you control the way you see yourself and things in life .. so you can get through this and I know you can! I feel you .. if you think you need to talk to someone professional I'd advice you to see a therapist if you think you can handle it it will be better but never take any drugs because it makes the brain worse .. Doing prayers, meditations, hypnosis and simply relax will make you much better I tried everything until I got over it and I did .. most important thing have faith! That god loves you and you will be healed in no time.. simply stop thinking and do what you love .. May god's blessings heal you soon


Very much the same with me i constantly switch between my brain my heart and my appendix rushed my self to hospital so many times in a state thinking I'm a million percent sure that I'm gonna drop down and die any second just to be told they can't find anything wrong and I have to walk out feeling very embarrassed anxiety sucks accepting it is just anxiety for me is the hardest part


Apologies I have a bit of a poor memory and not sure if we have had contact before. Your waking up symptoms sound to me like you need some B12 so I would suggest having a look at Dr Chandys b12 support online. I think B12 issues can also cause anxiety. I would advise against prayer as people often make poor decisions when influence by it. But some meditation to help you sit with feelings with out escalating them would help. A website called wildminds does some good stuff by way of led meditations.


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