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A year suffering with burning teeth and snxietyv


I've been playing n this site for a year ,

My symptoms started a year ago after lots of dentistry ,suddenly developed a burning sensation to right side of teeth ,top and bottom .

This time last year I had these sensations so couldn't stand which brought on anxiety ,Since then I have learnt to live with it , most of the time .

My anxiety is very much controlled .

I take a tiny dose of amitriptyline which helps a little . Teeth Sensations can come for a few weeks and go but returns .

I try to now lead as normal life as possible , it's been hard and last year was hell , just wish these sensations would go but feel it's prob nerve damage so could stay permanent .

I've had good support on here from people that have had similar but their symptoms have gone .

I do have the anxiety fear that raises its ugly head at times but short lived ..

I've learnt from many audio books like Dare , Claire weeks , mindfulness , (CBT course Also attended )

I would live to hear from any one that might be suffering similar issues or someone that has had or still has anxiety due to suffering with regular painful condition that won't change and need to live with .

Just think I need to know someone out there going through / gone through same as me ..

Think it would add to my strength knowing others have conditioned they have to except and live with ..

Please send me a message xxx

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Meant a year suffering burning teeth and anxiety


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