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Need help

Hello guys.. I am 17 years old and scared for my life, I thought for months I was having a heart attack and went into the er and they took blood, Chest X-ray, and ekg and everything was great.. they diagnosed me with an anxiety disorder.. the past couple of days I'm scared I'm gunna stop breathing because I feel like my lungs are burning and shortness of breath.. and my upper back hurts.. today my head has hurt and feel like my brain is just gunna quit on me or I'm gunna stop breathing,. I'm so terrified.. does anyone's else ever have these symptoms??

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Hi Taylorsowers, I did experience this feeling at one time. You are 17, the ER checked you out and you were diagnosed with Anxiety. I know it might not give you the relief you need since the symptoms continue. Everything you described sounds as if it is coming from the tense tight muscles in your chest, back, neck and head. The burning you describe is not your lungs but the chest wall muscles. In turn that can give you the feeling of shortness of breath.Your body will not quit on you. Breathing is an automatic response you need do nothing but relax.

My thought is why would a 17y.o. be afraid for his life? What happened that caused this fear to escalate? I think in knowing that answer it may help you go forward.


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