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Fed up locking myself in house and hearing people laughing outside my anxiety is getting worse


My anxiety is driving me crazy it's got so bad I don't want to leave house much and I know in my head it's not healthy locking myself away .its been really bad since my mum passed away 2 years ago part of me feels lost inside she really was my best friend I'm glad I have my daughters and son just taking each day as it comes the best days are when you wake up and your head feels clear not pretending to be happy just really enjoying the day

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Hi please fight back the feeling . Force yourself slowly and you will see breath relax take vitamins . Fight back and don't let this monster get the best of you. I am living proof. It can be done. Eat healthy drink water fight back!! Good luck to you 👍

I am sorry to hear that your anxiety is getting worse. Losing a mother is one of life's hardest experiences. Have you considered attending a grief support group or grief counselling. It can be very helpful. You may still feel that you have lost your best friend, but it could help with the feeling lost if you connect with other people who are experiencing the same thing. Locking yourself away due to anxiety is definitely not a good thing. I hope that you are receiving some support and help for the anxiety...and if not, that you take steps in that direction. Life is meant to be lived and we aren't living fully if we are locking ourselves away. Blessings and all the best to you.

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