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Feeling very strange

So I've been suffering very high anxiety continuously for nearly 6 months now, but all of a sudden I've felt very strange.

In a way, I feel really calm and like how I used to before my anxiety started, but at the same time, this feeling feels very strange and I'm getting anxiety because of it. I feel like I'm normal in a way but also that I'm not. I can't remember what I used to feel like when I didn't have anxiety but a part of me believes it feels like this, and another part is convincing me it's something very bad and I'm stressing over it. I don't know what it is and I'm getting scared. Should I go to a doctor?


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Sounds like you have control over it now and its strange to feel normal again because you have been so anxious for so long. don't let it worry you be happy that your feeling yourself again embrace and enjoy.

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