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I feel guilty, depressed, yet at the same time I feel like my body is going to implode and everything in this world is going to destroy and I'm going to be in pieces. Seeing my family struggle, because of me, feels like shit. Seeing them looking for support, psychologists, makes me feel like I failed. I failed because I allowed my problems to be so bad, it's become more serious than I thought. I just want everything to be normal

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This is exactly how I felt and still feel sometimes, it's so hard to deal with this... and not feel guilty or think that everything is your fault... all I can say is hang in there, you are doing your best to get back on track so that's what's important.


You are not a failure, because if you are a failure for allowing your problems to get bad, that means that I am a failure for letting my problems get bad... and I am definitely not a failure!! :-) How long have you felt this way for? What sort of treatment options have you tried? Your family loves you and they want you to be better, so that means you need to love yourself and do whatever it takes to feel better. All families struggle at some time in life, your time just happens to be now. Just imagine when everything will be back to normal and how strong your family will be because of what's happened. Don't give up, do what it takes to find the right solution to your temporary funk. Best of luck.


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