Giving up

Not one to be suicidal ibe been theough multiple tests medically cant even list how much been told im nuts been sent to the psycj ward for a week im pretty sure i got a blood clot today and a neurologist said i problably have vein problems im tired of suffering through this pain and nobody helping me pretty sire gunna end it soon cant deal with the pain and the anxiety that it causes quit marijuana thinking that was my problem but obiously wasnt fuck this im at the end of my rope


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  • Hey Nick,

    I know it seems like there is nothing in the world worth living for, but I'm sure there is someone in your life that you care about immensely and who cares about you. Anxiety is a relentless beast, but just like any beast, it can be defeated and vanquished. Please call the a suicide prevention hotline immediately; not sure where you are, but a quick search online should be able to give you a number. Suicide is never the answer, no matter how dark and twisted and f'ed up everything seems right now.

  • This life is worth living! So don't let your anxiety and brain trick you. Don't overthink. If the doctors told you that there's nothing wrong with you then stop looking for something to be wrong. If you don't believe them then get a second opinion. You don't have to give up. Distract yourself from this demon called anxiety. Do meditation, play video games, exercise, go for a walk, talk to friends, do yoga, get out the house,aroma therapy, essential oils, lavender and chamomile tea,STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE... are you on any anxiety medication? never give up! We are here all suffering and trying to get better. We are here for you!

  • Suicidal thoughts are your minds way of tricking you into believing that it is the only way to escape your mental turmoil. Given time and the proper treatment and medication life can get better.....

  • Ive been on meds for 10 years have had them switched constantly just dont kno what to do anymore everyone is fed up with my anxiety and im fed up with the physical pain everyday that feels like my veins are messed up

  • recently i realise that anxiety was stealing my life and many oportunities to be happy, but i also realise that good things can happen if we don't let anxiety win

    so my tip is keep fighting against anxiety, even when is to hard and you feel you have no more strength, do it just for the happyness of not let axiety win, just to prove that you are strong enough, and that is a damn good feeling. Die now is just let anxiety win again

  • You were very brave to write this post. To me, it means you have it in you to rise above the negative thoughts bouncing around in your brain. I have been sick for many years (15 to be exact) and bedridden for the last three. However, what I worked on in something called "MINDFULNESS". I have literally trained my brain not to accept any negative thoughts, and if they are persistent, I turn it into a positive statement. For example, "I am stuck in this bed while everyone else lives life"... this becomes " I am so blessed to still be here so I can talk to my family, love them, and there are people out there so much worse off than me." Then I do deep breathing exercises and find a mediation website where I can listen to a meditation exercise. So much of what we experience as people with health problems, that is, how much we allow these issues to control our lives begins and ends in the mind. If you don't have positive doctors who will listen to you, keep looking. It is important that you feel like the people treating you are patient and caring people. However, you MUST do you part in all of this. THERE IS NO one pill, or one procedure that can fix everything. We must take the symptoms as they come, one at a time. If you truly feel you are in such a bad place that your only option is ..... "unspoken" (I will not write this out loud, because you matter, even if it is just to help someone else feeling the way you do) Please call 911 or go to a behavioral health center so professionals can find the treatment you need.

    Over the past few weeks I have "come alive"! My Endocrinologist made a few changes in my meds and like magic, my energy is back and I feel so much more like myself. So, what If, during those 15 years of horrible chronic pain I decided that I couldn't keep going. Then I would have missed this time in my life where I feel great. That doesn't mean I don't have pain, this "friend" will always be with me. At this point, my grandchildren are here and I am about to go outside use sidewalk chalk! AND, my extended family are all coming to my house for a cook out.

    And finally, when you are at you lowest point, find someone else worse off than you and try to help them. The best antidote for depression and anxiety is to help others. This will take the focus off of yourself!!! It has taken me days to decide to write this message because I want to help you, and I was concerned I would say the wrong thing. But, I realized that I needed to take my own advice and at least try. Be your own best friend, treat yourself as you would some one you love very much.

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