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It feels strange

I know I posted about feeling panic, but I'm having moments where I think, was that a small panic attack? Did I really feel it? Or did I imagine it? Did it actually happen?

I go from feeling shacky and slighlty sick feeling to calm, but it's for a couple seconds. Then I feel it come back and I know it's in my head but I don't know what to right now. I want to feel normal.

The trembling happens, its slight and I was able to feel my heart pounding. And I have a feeling that feels like nausea but it isn't at the same time it's hard to explain. Food is the last thing I want to think about and I've had loss of appetite and when I get hunger it's like I'm amsacred to eat and gives me anxiety. I feel lost

Any advise would be greatly appreciated

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Hi, I hate that you are feeling this way...unfortunately that us what happen when our anxiety is at its highest peak... it happens to me all the time....I got in a elevator and push the wrong floor and I instantly panicked thinking the worst could happen if I got on the wrong floor....it was so bad that when I got on the right floor I almost forgot what room I was in lol...like wthhhh....it was all because of the FEAR that anxiety put in us! I knew that I wouldn't forget my room it was just scary to feel that way! Ahhhhhh the life of anxiety! Once I stop and think about what's going on, everything goes back to normal....I just take deep breaths! Try that and see if it works during anxiety/panic attacks!

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I definitely did some deep breathing it's just so weird how anxiety can make you feel gross and sick. I'm tired of it, now that it's past I feel almost disconnected? lol. When I sit in a room of my house the silence feels odd I'm not sure how to describe it.

I don't know if it's just me, but it do you ever have a weird feeling that kind of just hangs around? I wish there was a way to describe it

Thank you for responding

Honestly thank you so much, it's always nice to now that you'r alone

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