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Going back to work

I'm going back to work after 11 days anual leave and I'm nervous. It's the school holidays which means it's harder for me to go as I have to leave my daughter with other people (family) and I'd much rather it'd be me caring for her.

I'm also going to ask to go on nights 2/3 a week. It'll be quieter for me at work which will help with my anxiety and I won't have to worry about childcare as my partner will be home when I'm at work. I'm just hoping my boss says yes.

Just hope I'm making the right choice.

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Good luck what is it you do for work? It's hard to leave the little ones how old is your daughter. Nights is a good idea it's whatever works for your lifestyle and family and your anxiety. I found it hard when my daughter started preschool at 3 but she loves it and now 4 starts primary school soon - I know she will be fine I'm the one that won't be lol. Fingers crossed your boss says yes x


I'm a care assistant in a nursing home. My daughter turns 8 in December.

I think it'll be better for my health to go part time nights.


That's good my sister in law does the same her daughter is 9 it works so she can still take her to school and collect. Plus night work is better paid! Good luck x


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