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Any suggestions? Help!

Hello. I need help, I have a anxiety and when I have a panic attack I tell my mom about it and what's been happening to me. Little do I know she's making fun of me behind my back to her sisters. Whenever I have problems she tells them my privacy. I need help in what should I do. I don't trust her anymore but I also need someone to talk to...

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Hi I'm here and that's wrong of your mom.


She is making light of a situation that is very real to you and that's very wrong, your mother is meant to help you not make fun of you. She's totally out of order in my view. You need to talk to someone who understands how your feeling. Is there no one you could talk to? If not I suggest you see your doctor and ask to be referred to the health care professionals who you can talk to, I don't know where you live but in my area it's called Mind Matters and believe me they really do help. Please see your doctor and ask for a referral.

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