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Any suggestions

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Anyone got any suggestion for a good relaxation track. I've been told to find one that doesnt focus too much on breathing as this is my big problem at the moment. Doesnt matter if its free or cost something, just something I can use everyday to help calm me more. Ive tried just gentle music tracks but they dont seem to help. I've promised myself I wont google today, so any suggestions would be helpful. x

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at work i listen to easy listening on pandora, and let me tell you i kept nodding off at my desk yesterday lol. but did do the trick with relaxation. enya is also good.

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thank you

Hi sarahjaneR. It's kind of hard to find relaxation w/o focus on breathing. They do go hand in hand. I do well on the guidance of hearing a soothing voice while looking at serene and peaceful scenes. QuietMind Café is just one of many that come to mind as my "go to".

YouTube has something for everyone. Hope you find one that you can connect with. x

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thank you

Tai-Chi Boko Suzuki..

On you tube...only one that worked for me... good luck

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thank you

I have a few. I downloaded an app called Relax Melodies. It's mostly nature, ambient sounds. Cool thing is, you can create your own track by mixing the sounds. It does come with pre set tracks.

Next, I search YouTube for any ambient nature sounds. There is a channel I follow called RRcherrypie. It a channel that focuses on these miniature toys called Re-ment. They are Japanese miniature food, or every day items. The uploader doesn't speak, but something about hearing the pieces clicking together is so relaxing for me.

Cat videos help too.

thank you

I like the sound of ocean waves, just the sea rolling in and rolling out again.

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Strange you should say that Dahl, I've just ordered a small bedside machine with ambient sounds and one if the sounds on it is waves breaking the beach.

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Coincidence or fate ???? I lived my childhood in the Norwegian port of Stavanger so for me it's a comforting sound but I discovered by chance that the natural rhythm of waves is excellent for relaxing breathing. Enjoy 😊

Jon Kabat Zinn's body scan is available on You Tube. It's a full body scan and the tape is ~45 minutes long. Dr. Kabat Zinn runs the stress reduction clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The tape is so relaxing that patients often fall asleep listening to it. He teaches mindfulness; accepting things as they are and not how we want them to be.

thank you

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