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Panic attack/ health anxiety/ heart sensation

Hey guys. So I have been dealing with anxoety for a while now but it has gotten really bad. A few days ago I called the paramedics because I felt my heart was slowing down which then triggered a panic attack. They said it was anxiety and I was fine and gave me medicine through iv to calm me down. They did an ekg and I could have sworn I heard the guy said it was a bit low, but then when it was time to get discharged they said all was normal (blood,urine tests were also given) expect low potassium. Maybe I did not hear the guy correctly when he told the nurse since I was hyperventilating and felt dizzy/out of it? I am worried I have a heart problem and that is what caused my panic attack. I felt the same thing two days later with heart burn that would not go away so I tried to calm myself down and deep breath for hours and I could not sleep because I felt heart burn and I think burning stomach. I know I have acid and stomach issues for months, maybe gerd (negative on h pylori but waiting for an upper gi xray). Blood tests and other tests doctors did would show if I have a heart issue right? My health anxiety says my anxiety is masking a heart condition. The "anxiety attacks" came out of nowhere and I was fine prior. However is it possible I felt and everyday palpitation and thats what triggered me? Or maybe I am just too hyperensitive w my HA and that's what caused it?

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Aww it's ok my I had the same issue..

My HA worry at the moment is cm from the room filling with smoke from burnt food all sorts of crazy thoughts are running in my mind earlier my skin smelled of smoke I'm terrified of going back to my house because of the smell

I'm currently at my grandmothers home


Hi K7,

Unfortunately when your anxiety goes too high, your brain cells don't work as well as they should and everything in your nervous system goes haywire. It's not unusual to end up calling the ambulance when things get scary. Better to find out that's anxiety rather than a heart attack :)

I would book a longer than usual consult with your doctor to discuss this mental health event. When making the booking ask for a copy of your health records from the treatment centre to be sent to the doctor. Make a few notes about what happened, what you did and what you understand is the case now as the starting point with your doctor.


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