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Hi, I'm simplxspaces and I guess I suffer from anxiety disorder. It sucks. Really.

I guess you could say my situation is quite *unique* (I'm not trying to say I'm special or anything) my dad is from the USA and my mom is from Brazil, and we are in the process of moving from Brazil to the USA. I went there December 2015, it was great at first but by January 2017 everything went downhill. I have a phobia of puking, and it's always been there but never this intense. I stopped eating as much, lost almost 20 lb and had to come back to Brazil for the summer (my mom is still living in Brazil while my dad is in the USA bc retirement, they're not split up) and as time progressed I was pressured with the big decision: where do you want to stay? Brazil or USA? Which is huge, I'm not talking about something that'll affect me for a month, this is my entire life we're talking about. I've been seeing a therapist and making that decision rationally. But now I'm worsening because I only have two weeks left with my mom and my therapist which caused me to have two mental breakdowns in a day, it wasn't pretty. I don't take meds, I only take like 'natural meds'. So this is basically my story, nice to meet you. I need some help, support, and input, we're trying everything (which explains why I'm here).

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Hugs to u💕 Follow your heart. I'm praying for u. I'm here if u want to vent some more.

simplxspaces in reply to tamka38

Thank you, that means a lot. Do you have any experience as well?

tamka38 in reply to simplxspaces

I had anxiety and depression and P.T.S.D. since 8

Hi simplxspaces, I know what you mean. Anxiety is terrible and I guess we can relate in the sense that my anxiety has gotten a lot worse this year and I am trying to make a decision on my own whether to leave for college in a few weeks for a program I got into, or just wait a month till school starts. (My anxiety has gotten so bad that I do not know whether I can go in a physical and mental healthy state by the time the program starts). I also have stomach issues so it has been affecting my eating a bit lately. Try ensure? They have vitamins and things you need and taste pretty good. I don't think that will make you vomit. I also am not the biggest fan of medication, but unfortunately I am considering taking it if I do not find a natural way of helping anxiety. This may not be the best advice but try writing out a list of the advantages and disadvantages to the living situation with each parent. Maybe you get along more with a certain parent? Also what natural meds are you taking? (I might consider some as my health anxiety is getting bad)

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My parents aren't split, it's just our condition of living as of now, we Skype every day. A natural resource for reducing anxiety which I recommend is passion fruit, would that be tea or vitamins that have passion fruit.

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