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Constant worry!!

Hey guys I'm new, and suffer with, anxiety/depression/GERD/ panic attack disorder.

What I find most annoying is the feeling of not being able to get enough air, but the worse is the lump inside my throat on the right side, feeling like I can't swallow anything and the lump is making my life living hell, it makes me feel mental when people tell me it's not there when I feel it, I just wanna make this pass, so that's why I've joined the group, I think I personally opened the group is I know it's not only me...I know someone can relate.

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Cup cake I also have the same problem as you for two months now a feeling of a lump but it comes and go few weeks ago I got this feeling that I can't breath well as well andi alsways dream of death I ddont know why but one of my friend told m god is trying to tell me something and im always afraid best of luck

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I also get lumps in my throat the shortness of breath has been a lot more frequent for me as well it truly sucks.


Why does it keep happening it's so scary, when I breathe in I feel so much pressure in my throat like I can't breathe or something gonna close over


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