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Racing mind symptom (Anxiety or something worse?)


I would like to start this off by saying I do have a slight fear of epilepsy so this scares me a lot.

I heard intense levels of deja vu is linked to epilepsy (simple partial seizures)

Over the three years I have experienced high levels of anxiety and panic attacks, I have had this weird symptom that I can't explain.

I feel light headed, dizzy. My mind races really fast. It rambles on about nothing and my mind starts playing theme tunes from tv shows and things like that and it's just intense. It actually feels violent inside my mind. I can ignore it though. It goes away quickly and easily. As soon as I put in earphones and watch a video it's fine. Music makes it worse but YouTube videos and Netflix shows kills it instantly. I don't know if I experience deja vu during this or if I'm just fearful I do because when my brain does this I don't have that feeling that I've been there before or that feeling of familiarity. What am I experiencing? I normally get this sometimes in the morning when I get up too fast and in high levels of stress.

- Chloe

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I think your fear of epilepsy is unfounded because you haven't had an attack of epilepsy. It's like fearing you have migraine when you've never had a headache. So I would say forget completely about this epilepsy business, Heaven knows where that came from. Instead of worrying aboutan illness you don't have why not concentrate on the illness you do have: anxiety. Because reading your post all the bad feelings you describe come under the heading of anxiety. Your nervous system is playing tricks on you because long ago it became over sensitised by too much stress and worry - and you have maintained that state of sensitivity by continuing to bombard your nervous system with fear.

Chloe, the best thing to do is stop fighting these bad feelings for the time being and just accept them with the minimum of fear. The deja vu is just another trick your nerves are playing on you. The good news is that although nervous anxiety can put the fear of God into us and make us think we have real physical illness it's all a bluff. Anxiety won't kill you, disable you or make you lose your mind even though it's good at mimicingreal physical illness. So stop attaching so much importance to the symptoms of anxiety and just accept them for the moment. When you learn to accept the bad feelings you stop adding shed loads of fear to your nervous system. And that gives it time to recover, even after years of suffering. Treat yourselfvto a little book about Acceptance written years ago that has helped tens of thousands recover from anxiety. It's called 'Self help with your nerves' by Claire Weekes available from Amazon. This book will do more for your well-being than any book you're ever likely to read. Certainly more good than anything you'll find on Netflix. It expkains how you got into this state and how you can help yourself to full recovery. It wasn't written by some smart talking trickster trying to become rich abd famous but by an otherwise unremarkable spinster who dedicated her lifeto helping people find a cure from their anxiety disorder. Just read some of the customer reviews on Amazon: 90% rated it Very Good or Excellent. The book is life-changing.

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I know deep down it is anxiety but the symptom is intense and I think it makes me jump to conclusions. I will definitely check out the recommended book, I think it will be better than me doing google searches. Thank you for taking time out of your day to reply, it means a lot!


Hey how is your deja vu doing? I have been having deja vu spells for about a year and it terrifies me when i get it. I always feel like "this is it...I am going to have a seizure" but the seizure never comes. I too have the fear of epilepsy, even tho i myself have never had a seizure and no one in my life believes i have epilepsy either. Deep down inside I know its just anxiety but...well you know how anxiety is. Its good to know i'm not alone in my fears. Here is my question for you. After you get deja vu that triggers your anxiety do you ever get sleepy after the panic goes away?


Jeff to the rescue!!!! We should all just print out this response and read it when we flip the heck out on ourselves. GOOD response Jeff


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