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Faith over fear

I am new to this group and I have been noticing the difference between how I react to my anxiety and how the reaction makes me worse and regress. One thing that has helped me is to accept my anxiety and love myself despite it. For me my anxiety started when I left my job of six years and started obsessing/worrying about bills while being abused at my job. In the midst of this I started to feel sick faint and I was driving so I panicked. Then my mind filled with self doubt fear of the fainting feelings. So whenever stressed I can get symptoms or the fear of the panic creates the panic. The truth is that night was five years ago and symptom/triggers occur but all my worrying trying fight or fear the panic didn't serve me. I was cared for, I got bills made I was and still am me. So for me, I like to place faith over fear when my head tricks me into the tortuous act of fearing the fear. This may not make sense but it helped me gain some perceptive and courage to change what I can mainly my attitude toward myself, my anxiety and the world around me.

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Dear Hopefortoday, welcome to the group! This is an amazing group of people who truly care about each other and offer much wisdom and comfort to one another! I've been reading the posts for a couple of months, and have only replied to a few. Mostly I have just been reading and learning. There is so much helpful information here! Everything you wrote makes perfect sense to me! I have had all those same symptoms that you described. I've been suffering with anxiety most of my life. I am 59 years old now. No panic attacks for about two years, but still have plenty of anxiety. I hope you will enjoy being in this group. It brings me a huge measure of comfort every time I read the posts here and feel the love that is being exchanged between the members. Good for you for having the courage to change! 😊


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