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Hi I'm new but have been dealing with this for about two months. What has helped me is giving my self to Jesus Christ and reading my bible, praying and going on with life and fighting my fears. I no longer have the tingling in my body bad like it was in the begging and some time only get the frog throat thing sometimes. But I learned a technic that helps me a lot when my anxiety starts to flare. I tell myself it's just a feeling and it goes away. Try it let me know if this helps.


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  • I will definitely agree with the part about giving yourself to Christ Jesus. I can sayou for me it has made my relationship with God stronger. I pray a lot more. Got to do a little better with reading the Bible but I do listen to a lot of broadcasts that have spiritual speakers that have helped me through this so much. Still fighting the fears. But I guess in time with really trusting more in the Lord and having more faith, I will conquer my fears.

  • Yes I have been trying to continue telling myself that it's all anxiety nothing's wrong but sometimes my anxiety still acts up and it becomes hard to convince myself.

  • Only Jesus can fully heal us in his timeing.

  • This has definetly brought me closer to God. Still working on alot of things but i know he didnt give us the spirit of fear but its hard sometimes not being fearful but we have to fight and trust in him. Im believeing in him for a healing.

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