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Brain fog. Lightheaded "feeling"


Hello everyone, I'm new here so bare with me!

So, I've pretty much always had anxiety and panic attacks but they became even more so heightened when my ex and I broke up after 8 years. Fast forward two years and my aunt and uncle both died unexpectedly 5 months apart. Ever since, I've been waking up in the middle of the night sweating and racing heart thinking that I'm going to die. In May, I was really anxious about going out to lunch with a friend I haven't seen in awhile and I randomly felt pins and needles come over the left side of my face and head, I then felt this lightheaded feeling throughout the day, since it continued and I've never experienced that, I decided to head to the ER, everything they tested came back normal. Since then I've been getting strange headaches, sometimes burning migraines and a throbbing in my head without the pain that makes me feel very anxious, some days I have no symptoms but more days I do. I have a doctors appointment set up in a few weeks. Just wondering if anyone else has had any similar symptoms that could just be anxiety related?

All the symptoms I've been having: brain fog off and on, nausea no vomiting, heavy head, lightheaded feeling, heart racing, random headaches, head throbbing with no pain

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You sound just like me ! It's anxiety . Since going to a therapist I've learned anxiety can cause millions of symptoms even ones that mimic a heart attack. I myself am feeling what's called depersonalization and derealization. Basically you don't feel like yourself or your like in someone else's body kinda. I know it's hard to believe anyone at times but you sound like a hallmark case of anxiety. It will get better . See about some relaxation techniques, maybe a low dose medication and some therapy . It doesn't hurt . You will get back to your old self again , have faith , baby steps one day at a time , an hour at a time, a minute at a time . If you ever wanna talk I'm here for you .

AE101 in reply to Jmerrick22

Thanks for your kind reply! It's just so scary to me because although I've had anxiety, I've never experienced such a multitude of symptoms. I'll be seeing my doctor the end of July and am currently looking for a therapist. :)

Jmerrick22 in reply to AE101

I just made a post, and there you can see all my symptoms , I agree it's scary but you'll get through it ! It's only going to make you a stronger person .

Try find some yoga with a more meditative angle (over fitness). It might help clear your mind - it helps me feel more ready for the world.

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