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Attribution of Anxiety

I am finding I attempt to attribute blame or reasoning for my feelings of anxiety in order to solve them. I woke up two weeks ago with anxiety after a big night out dancing and having had a lot of alcohol. My anxiety then turned to guilt, I started thinking I had done something wrong the night before but my only fault that night was dancing poorly! I then started thinking well if it's not that I feel guilty about the night before is it because of my wife? Do I love her? Is this the life I want? Do I want to live here? Do I like my job? Questioning every little detail.

When not in an anxious state I never ever a question these things, I love my life and am reasonably haply with everything. Until the anxiety grabs me and the cycle of overthinking begins. Most days I get progressively better until I feel almost normal going to bed and then when I wake up the cycle starts again as I tend to wake up tense and anxious.

My general self confidence is improving, it has not been fantastic for the majority of my life and I suffered from bulimia for more than 10 years. I wouldn't say I have totally beat that but my episodes are very rare. Mostly around my body image and weight. My wife is aware of my anxiety and confidence / weight issues.

Is this normal?

Are others experiencing this?

How do I get myself out of this cycle? I know attributing blame isn't the answer, but we don't think rationally when suffering from anxiety.

I have seen a psychologist on a few occasions and he has told me attributing blame is not the answer. He said: "Anxiety comes and anxiety goes. Trying to attach it or give it reason or blaming someone or something for it is not the answer".

Hard to just snap my mind into that way of rational thinking though!

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Read the Book of 5 Rings . Dealing with fear of fear is a near impossible fight. Trust in God above all. Seek medical help. Lexapro helped me 😃


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