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I feel like I'm going crazy

Hello! So I was just diagnosed with anxiety and depression recently. I also have cerebral palsy and I am freaking out. I started taking meds, I know they're gunna take a while to work. But i have health anxiety, and I feel like I have a brain tumor or something. When I look at myself I don't feel like its me like I know its me, but I feel like my thoughts are no longer connected to my body I don't know if anyone feels this. I constantly find myself telling my thoughts to stop, but it doesnt work. I Have to see my therapist this week, I dont know what to do. I Feel like this is not going to go away. I feel very hopeless.

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Everything you just said right now I'm currently going through the same thing and also thinking I might be having a brain tumor do to the fact that I get side aches on the left side of my head and sometimes on the right side. The weird thing is when I'm at work or out and about I don't get those sharp pains! It's like I'm distracted by whatever else is going on. But once I get home and in my room with all this time to think, that's why I start getting them leaving time to think I have a brain tumor which i probably don't, then my anxiety triggers. Anyways, you're not alone :(


This is the hell i have been suffering from for 5 months. It's not a brain tumor. Is called depersonalization/derealization and according to my psychiatrist is a phenomenal from anxiety.


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