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How can I worry less?

I worry all the time about different things going on in my life. Lately, my negative thoughts have been so debilitating and have made me feel super unmotivated. I'm pregnant(in the third trimester) and want to start school again this August. The thought makes me so happy and excited, also super anxious and worried at the same time. I don't think I can do it, I feel like my anxiety would heighten and not allow me to focus on school. I worry about stressing out too much and possibly having a miscarriage :( I worry about not ever being able to start school if I don't start now. My mind has been so cruel. I understand I'm an over thinker, I just don't know how to fix it :,( anyone have advice? I would really appreciate it.

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Hi AnxietyBarbie sorry to hear your struggling with these thoughts/worries, especially when your pregnant, but perhaps the fact that your pregnant is heightening your anxiety? hormones will be a little unbalanced etc, just try and remind yourself that worrying will not change an outcome, you could worry about all manner of things but what will be will be, try and concentrate on just one day at a time for now, allow yourself to relax and look forward to the arrival of your beautiful baby, allow time to pass, don't try planning to far ahead just for now, check out relaxation techniques on youtube, and just take one day at a time, it's so hard not to worry but as I say, it's a pointless effort, it won't change anything, once you allow yourself to relax things will become clearer, just be kind to yourself, big hugs :-) xxx


Thank you, yes I believe it may be pregnancy hormones that trigger my anxiety. I know I overthink a lot and it's something I'm working on. I'll try your tips for relaxation :)


Definitely look into meditation. Try some guided imagery meditations on Youtube, it gets your mind focused on seomthing else and sometimes guides you through a process of "throwing away" your negative thoughts or something like that. For every negative thought remind yourself of a positive one(easier said than done but over time it teaches you to worry less). It's just the anxiety talking when it comes to the miscarriage but it's still important to learn to cope with your anxiety. And I agree with suzie482 worrying doesn't make life any easier it actually makes it harder. Once you lay your eyes on your new baby all your worries wont matter!

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Thank you so much for the advice. I'm an expert on worrying haha, it's a little hard to control but hopefully soon it'll be less intense. I know that soon my little bundle of joy will bring tons of joy into my life, it's the thought I try to replace with the negative ones :)


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