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Something I look back on, I've come a long way since then!

A poem I wrote a few years ago when I first was diagnosed with panic disorder & anxiety.....

It's hard living, but I don't want to die,

I love laughing, but all I do is cry!

Day to day I struggle & strive,

I don't live, i only survive.

The patterns the same, I'm up & down,

I want to smile, yet all I do is frown!

I pray to god, though I'm not sure he exists,

I want him to give me back fight in my fists.

Nobody listen or understands, they tell me it's all in my head,

Will somebody listen when I'm dead?

I'll end this now cause my head is spinning,

I'll write again one day when I'm winning!

Faye Simmons - August 1998

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Ffaiers, beautifully done. I do the same. When emotions are strong the words just seem to flow. Like you, I look back and see how far I've come. Writing is very therapeutic. I enjoyed your poem. Thank you sharing. x

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