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Welshgirl66 Hi in a nutshell ,, I'm a recovering alcoholic of 8 years now yes proud have come a long way,, have my son at our new home ,,,

At 51 I'm feeling low ,,no use to man or beast as I have no car due to money,, never lived alone now I do ,,, lost my confidence I'm not smiling as late,, cannot get to sleep as my mind starts going back ,, to my drinking days,, miss my sisters got one more left she's my half she's I'll due to drink,, I'm alone at night its scary Mary,, hate the dark,, dogs keep barking,, neighbour keeps moaning on egg shells at night lay down pulse starts, my heart beats fast extreme headaches,, shaking twitching some nights I don't sleep at all,, sweats paranoia think my neighbours are talking about me which they are,,, I can hear clear,, not stupid,, private person ,,I shower morning bath at night,,, neighbours slamming there doors got pains under my shoulders,,, thirsty complete nervous wreck job seeking some days I can't even go out what to do job hunting tried CV hunting I think I might of cracked it will I keep a job no don't last more than a few days,,, do you think I should go see my doc go on the sick until I'm settling at my wits end walk non stop odd day,, don't get far as time goes fast help out there please its lonely world.

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Sorry you feel lonely. I'm home alone for now with no friends, just the forum which is great. Feels hopeless, I know. I am in the same boat so not much answers except try your doc, counseling and keep reaching out to us. We are here for you. Never to judge. Great job on recovery, something I still have to tackle. I'm proud of you for that.

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Thanks hun good morning world its.a brand new day!!! I'm here any help hello give me a shout!!! If you no hangovers lol x by the way thanks don't need advice from a councillor do it myself now I've found this site lol its fifty shade of grey love from Jane x


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