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Am I selfish for wanting to be friends with my sister, for giving advice and spending hours doing stuff with her to cheer her up after a break up n then dropped when she meets someone new.

Why am I sooo supportive and then so easily dropped. It happens, friends have done it too. I'm getting tired of it. I'm tired of helping people when I've got sooo much going on n no one even asks if I'm ok... I'm not ok, I'm fed up n tired of trying to be ok.

Maybe I'm too involved, but I'd love someone to ask me if I'm ok, cos I'm really not ok n I don't understand why.

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Just how do you feel

Just how do you feel

Bumble_Bea in reply to lal0604

I don't understand how I feel, I'm always down n now I don't help myself... I have a good life, a family, child, pets, job, etc... But although I love them to the moon n back, I can't figure out why I'm sad

. I can't even hold conversation with work colleagues or aquatances n I don't know y. I can't laugh at jokes. I feel alone yet I have family, I'm falling into bad habits that are depressing me even more, but can't stop. I'm tired of trying. N one day I'll be ok n next it'll hit me again... I don't understand.

I'm here to figure it out 😥

It sounds like your depressed even if everything seems great depression can affect you

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