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update :)

Hello everyone..

I just want to update that my anxiety is continuing to improve, however, i have been sick for a month ( Viral cough which leads to asthma ) which has stopped me from going out /sleeping properly..i went to the hospital yesterday and got some medicine which made me a whole lot better!! I only stayed there for a few hours.

Even though i have really bad health anxiety and do worry a lot, i feel like this whole month made myself so focused on getting better, it drove so many unnecessary away such as being schizophrenic, hearing voices, going crazy, and such and I felt somewhat relived, mentally, other than being sick.

I am continuing to take medication until this virus goes and I feel 50x better than i did yesterday! I even had a proper sleep last night which was something i didn't have for a long time.

I feel as though now that i have a more understanding and acceptance that all my fears are just anxiety..

hope everyone has a lovely day/evening! <3

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