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Extreme lightheadedness

Hello, I have had an extreme feeling of lightheadness for about 4-5 years. I am 16 and this feeling started in 6th grade. I had scans and tests but all I have found is that I have hypothyroidism. I have been on synthroid, but nothing has seemed to help. I've found the lightheadedness gets worse when I eat pasta and breads. I tried gluten free for 9 months and no change. This lightheaded feeling has been constant and I haven't felt normal in 5 years. I hate this feeling because I don't feel like I'm experiencing anything in my life, and I am having such a hard time remembering what it felt like to be normal.if anyone has ever experienced this or knows what could be causing this, Please help me.

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Hey there, I feel light headed a lot of the time and have been told it's due to my low blood pressure. Not drinking enough water can even contribute. Have you ever had any issues with muscle tension in your neck? I do, and believe it also contributes to my light head/dizzyness. I have started going to physiotherapy which has been really helpful. Hope you find something that helps:)


I have suffered lightheadedness for the past 2 and a half years and it's horrible as I don't feel normal. I'm sick of it. But it's anxiety as I have had so many tests and scans and they can't find anything wrong. Stay strong x


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